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Automated Water Temperature Monitoring 

Water temperature monitoring

Business properties may need to carry out water temperature monitoring as part of fulfilling Legionella risk assessment actions. Completing actions on a Legionella risk assessment is part of being fully legally compliant. But many businesses struggle to maintain regular water temperature checks.

Temperature probes are typically used by an individual holding the probe directly in the water or water flow. This is a manual job and can be costly on some larger sites. We're happy to offer a newer solution for water temperature monitoring.


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Smarter water temperature monitoring

Our automated water temperature monitoring system takes the manual aspect of taking temperatures away. Instead, we use smart temperature sensors. The sensors attach to the pipework easily and takes the temperatures multiple times a day. The data is then recorded in a portal and you'll be sent the data and any recommended actions you need for your Legionella compliance records once a month. How much easier is that? It's the future of water temperature monitoring. 

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Premises that benefit the most from automated water temperature monitoring

Water temperature monitoring is a key way of managing the risks from Legionella bacteria. Risks from Legionella are higher at certain temperatures which is why temperature monitoring is often suggested as an action on a Legionella risk assessment. Water kept within a certain range is less likely to support the growth of Legionella bacteria. 


Business premises types that may need water temperature monitoring include:


  • Care homes 

  • Dental practices

  • Hospitals

  • Schools and colleges

  • Universities

  • Private clinics

  • Gyms and leisure facilities

  • Cafes, restaurants and hotels

  • Offices

  • Factories 

  • Retail units

The benefits of an automated temperature monitoring system

By installing an automated temperature monitoring system you save more than just time and money. The following are additional benefits to automation: 

  • Assists in the management of scald risk.

  • Reduces the potential of human error or non-completion of monitoring works.

  • Enables timely appropriate remedial action to poor temperatures results.

  • Provides reliable traceability (access logs) of actions.

  • Reports of issues with water temperatures by site users can easily be verified before taking action due to remote monitoring

  • Allows monitoring in difficult to access sites.

  • Identifies unused outlets or areas of stagnation through lack of temperature change.

Replace costly manual water monitoring

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Want to know more about automated, wireless water temperature monitoring?


Download our pdf to read more about the benefits of automating your water temperature monitoring to support your Legionella compliance. 

Legionella risk assessments - a commercial case study

Having a Legionella risk assessment does not automatically mean you're compliant. 


If you ignore suggested actions from your Legionella risk assessment then you're putting people at risk and it's likely to cost you more money in the long-run. 

We recently helped a company become fully compliant. But sadly they learnt the hard way.

Why choose Bespoke Compliance Solutions?
Fully compliant with the HSG274 and ACOP L8
Our individual experience is over 10 years within the water hygiene industry
Bespoke solutions that are specific for your premises and water system(s)
Our friendly team will explain the entire process from start to finish
Fast turnaround and quick reporting

Automated temperature monitoring FAQs

How do I access the information and what do I do with it?

Your job is made easy when it comes to water temperature monitoring with automation. You'll be sent everything you need once a month - any relevant job sheets and all of the temperature data you need as part of Legionella compliance. If no non-compliant temperatures are recorded then you just keep your data records and no action is needed. If non-compliant temperatures are found during the month which are consistent and need attention sooner rather than later then we'll send you an alert. If less consistent non-compliant water temperatures are found then we'll include that in your month report along with recommended actions. If you don't have time to follow any actions from non-compliant temperatures then we can help you. We provide a range of different services to support Legionella compliance.   


Who has access to my data?

All of your water temperature monitoring data is encrypted and secured. The only people who will have access to your data are our technical team and your account manager.


How long does it take to set-up?

Water temperature monitoring set-up takes around 3 minutes per sensor. Once the sensors are in place, we'll carry out calibration checks to ensure the data being collected is accurate. We do this by comparing data from the sensors to direct water temperature checks and making adjustments. Let us know if you'd like a quote for installation of automated water temperature monitoring for your system. 


Is it accurate enough to use for my Legionella compliance water monitoring action?

Yes, once your sensors have been calibrated, the data collected is very accurate. Your system will be monitored by taking water temperatures several times a day. The regular readings build up a far more accurate picture of your water system temperatures including any fluctuations or non-compliant temperatures that may not be captured by a once a month reading.  


How often does it need to be replaced?

The water temperature sensors only need their batteries changing every few years which we will manage for you. Your water temperature monitoring system will be reviewed once a year and as part of that we'll check the sensor batteries for you. If any of them need replacing then we will also do that for you. 

Which areas do you cover?

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