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Legionella Risk Assessment in London
(Water Risk Assessment)

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What you need to know about a Legionella risk assessment and how one is completed.

Legionella Risk Assessment in London & The Surrounding Area

Our Legionella Risk Assessments London(otherwise known as a Water Risk Assessment Londonprovide the compliance certificate you need including any recommendations for making the water system safe. 

What is a Legionella Risk Assessment? - A Legionella risk assessment is a report that gives you details on the workings of the water system within the premises. It's purpose is to identify any risks that could allow Legionella bacteria to grow within the water system and cause health problems to those that use the water system. Once the report is completed, you must read it and understand any recommendations that it gives you to reduce the risk.

Legionella risk assessment cost London - our costs depend on the size and type of premises. It's important to understand that a Legionella risk assessment for properties in London must conform with certain regulations and statutory documents. The health and safety executive will require a in-depth inspection and report of the water system that has been assessed. Ensuring a thorough assessment is completed takes time and expertise. This means a cheap price will produce a potentially insufficient report. 


How often should a legionella risk assessment be reviewed? - Again, this depends on the complexity of the water system in question. More complex systems require reviewing more often however the risk assessor will include the recommended frequency within the report.

What is Legionella bacteria - Legionella bacteria can cause potentially fatal health conditions such as legionnaires disease. Legionella bacteria can be found in hot and cold water systems and if the conditions are favourable for it to proliferate then it could become a serious concern for your water system.

Bespoke Compliance Solutions are specialists in legionella risk assessments in London and can provide expert advice on how to keep water systems safe and compliant. Legionella bacteria is preventable and can be controlled to reduce the risks of exposure to humans. If businesses do not comply with the relevant health and safety laws when it comes to controlling legionella there can be severe penalties.

Our Legionella compliance experts are on hand to assist you with all of your Legionella risk management requirements in London.

Legionella Risk Assessments in London provides a bespoke service that is unrivalled to other water hygiene companies. Our L8 compliant Water Risk Assessments are jargon-free and specific to your premises. The legionella testing requirements that are set out in the HSG274 and approve code of practice L8 (ACOP L8) requires those responsible for a premises to undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment in London

Whether it's legionella testing, legionella control measures or a l8 certificate, our team can provide a competitive quotation immediately.

Our friendly team will guide you through the Legionella compliance process and help you understand exactly what you need and how best to implement the necessary precautionary measure needed.

The legionella risk assessment process doesn't need to be complex or complicated.

First we would need to understand how your premises and associated water system is set up. A few simple questions or an initial site visit may be required

We would then produce a quotation to complete a fully bespoke Legionella risk assessment that would include:

● Visual inspection of the water system(s).
● Asset register of hot and cold water outlets including temperature checks of at least 10% of all outlets.
● Photographic evidence of findings.
● Detailed recommendations based on the site risk.
● Review of current control measures (if applicable) and any advised/additional control measures.
● Basic schematic drawing of the hot and cold water system layout.

Once the assessment has been completed on site, we would produce the document and return it within 72 hours.

Our knowledgable team who are experienced in water hygiene and legionella prevention guidance to best advise our clients would discuss the findings and if a water safety plan is needed, if any, to be implemented.

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The Legionella risk assessment will be ready within 72 hours of being onsite and can be sent over via hard copy or PDF.

Areas we cover within London:

  • Harrow 

  • Islington 

  • Brixton

  • Westminster 

  • Walthamstow 

  • Bromley 

  • Canary Wharf 

  • Wembley 

  • Finchley

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  • Barking 

  • Dagenham 

  • Woolwich 

  • Ealing

  • Ruislip

  • Greenwich 

  • Northolt 

  • Southall 

  • Uxbridge 

  • Hayes 

  • Twickenham

  • Walton-on-thames

  • Richmond

  • Brentford

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