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Legionella Awareness Training

Legionella Training

Legionella Training is a vital part of achieving compliance. The HSG274 practical guidance puts emphasis on personnel that are assigned the responsibilities to maintain Legionella Compliance to have had sufficient training. Our onsite bespoke Legionella Course is tailored to your premises specific requirements. We have the experience and technical knowledge to train the responsible persons to understand and undertake their obligations.

  • We can deliver our bespoke Legionella Training onsite or via MS Teams/Zoom. 

  • The Legionella training covers the necessary topics that meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive for the 'responsible person'.

  • Refresher training for individuals that have had Legionella Awareness Training in the past.

Our training course cover the following:

  • The roles of the responsible persons

  • Hot & cold water systems

  • HSE guidance documents

  • When a Legionella Risk Assessment should be reviewed and why

  • What is in a written/control scheme and how to implement it

  • How to interpret microbial sample results

  • The importance of record keeping

Who can be appointed as the 'responsible' person?

The responsible person will take day-to-day responsibility for managing the control of any identified risk from legionella bacteria.  Anyone can be appointed as the responsible person as long as they have sufficient authority, competence, skills and knowledge about the installation to ensure that all operational procedures are carried out in a timely and effective manner and implement the control measures and strategies, ie they are suitably informed, instructed, trained and assessed.
They should be able to ensure that tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner.
If a dutyholder is self-employed or a member of a partnership, and is competent, they may appoint themselves. The responsible person should be suitably informed, instructed and trained and their suitability assessed.  They should also have a clear understanding of their duties and the overall health and safety management structure, and policy in the organisation.

Onsite Training

Bespoke Courses

Excellent Value

Why Choose Bespoke Compliance Solutions?
Fully compliant with the HSG274 and ACOP L8
Our individual experience is over 10 years within the water hygiene industry
Bespoke solutions that are specific for your premises and water system(s)
Our friendly team will explain the entire process from start to finish
Fast turnaround and quick reporting

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