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Making compliance simple for your business

Making your compliance feel a whole lot easier

Compliance can be seen as a necessary evil. Which is why we provide compliance support with a difference. We aim to make it feel easy. Easy peasy in fact!


Our offerings include Legionella compliance and Energy Performance Certificates. These are two areas of compliance that can cause the biggest headaches and be costly if not done correctly or at all.

Legionella and water hygiene compliance 

Legionella compliance is an area of compliance that can cause the biggest headache when managing a building or site. Compliance requirements are based on an initial Legionella risk assessment carried out by a competent person. Having a regular Legionella assessment is part of compliance under the Health and Safety at Work Act. But that's often just part of full compliance.


Every building or site will have its own requirements - hence why an assessment is the starting point. The actions needed to become and stay compliant will depend on the water system and the risks found during the initial assessment. Part of staying compliant might include regular tasks such as cleaning, staff training or water temperature monitoring.


Read more about Legionella risk assessments and compliance here.

Energy performance certificates 

Energy performance certificates, or EPCs as they're commonly known, are need each time a property is let or sold. This applies to the residential and commercial markets. An EPC will look at the energy performance of a building and provide current and potential energy performance ratings, along with recommendations and estimated energy bills. EPCs are there to help people make informed decisions about where they want to live or base their business.


Read more about EPCs here.

Compliance experience in all sectors

We have over 10 years experience across all sectors. That means than when you work with us, you get access to our extra experience in compliance in YOUR specific sector. We know that one size doesn't fit all. 

Legionella Control in Commercial Premises

We can help you with Legionella risk assessment, legionella testing & legionella training in Commercial premises. Commercial premises are usually low risk due to the typically water systems found. Completing a legionella risk assessment for a Commercial premises will help determine the risk.

Legionella Control in GP Practices Doctors Surgeries

Legionella Control within a healthcare premises needs to satisfy the likes of CQC (Care Quality Commission). We have the knowledge to advice on the correct legionella risk assessment for GP practices, Dental Surgeries and other healthcare premises.

Legionella Control for Hotels and Hospitality Premises

Many different people use Hotels and other Hospitality premises so ensuring the water is safe to use by your guests is vital. The water systems can be big and complex and require a thorough legionella control programme.

Legionella Control in Schools & Colleges

Legionella risk assessments in schools & colleges can be complex and depending on the site of the system. We can help with this along with legionella testing and legionella training.

Legionella Management in Care Homes

A potential high risk environment when dealing with legionella control in Care Homes and Nursing Homes. Making sure the various regulations are met including those set out by the HSE and CQC. Our bespoke legionella risk assessments and legionella testing can help make sure the water systems are maintained safely for those who are more suceptable.

Legionella Risk Assessment for Sports and Leisure Facilities

The use of showers within Sports and Leisure facilities poses a higher risk of contracting legionnaires' disease. A more stringent process to your legionella control and legionella testing may be required.

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