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Legionella Risk Assessments in Coventry

We offer an unrivalled service when it comes to Legionella Compliance in Coventry. We can help with testing, certification, water hygiene surveys and other aspects of Legionella control.

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Legionella Risk Assessments in Coventry
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Legionella risk assessment in Coventry for business premises, healthcare practices and privately owned premises. The Coventry Legionella risk assessment service includes: management, monitoring and record keeping processes. If you own or manage a property or business, you are responsible for carrying out a water risk assessment or employing an external contractor to do so. Our experienced team are able to conduct comprehensive Legionella risk assessments in Coventry, to ensure threats to health are minimised.​

Legionella risk assessment in Coventry covers the following procedures:

An assessment of tenants, employees and visitors to the property in Coventry will be carried out, to determine whether or not they are at risk of infection. High risk categories include elderly people and those with a weakened immune system. As bacteria thrives in temperatures of 20 - 50C, the temperature of any areas where water may pool will be tested. If it is identified as optimum for bacteria growth, you will be advised of preventative precautions to take.

The water systems at the property in Coventry will be thoroughly assessed for risk factors, which include the presence of rust, sludge or other matter, the likelihood of aerosol creation and the presence of areas where stagnant water may pool. All aspects of your Legionella risk assessment in Coventry will be documented, and records will be collated of risk factors, maintenance processes and monitoring practices, in line with Health and Safety guidelines.

Advice will be provided regarding the measures needed to prevent Legionella at your property in Coventry. This will be recorded and a review date will be provided, to ensure regular Legionella risk assessments are undertaken.

If you would like to organise Legionella risk assessment at your Coventry property, please call today or complete the enquiry form. A consultant will then be in contact by email or phone.

Do you need assistance with your Legionella Risk Assessment in Coventry?

Our Legionella control experts are on hand to assist you with all of your legionella risk assessment requirements in Coventry.

Legionella risk assessments in Coventry provides a bespoke service that is unrivalled to other water hygiene companies. Our L8 compliant legionella risk assessments are jargon-free and specific to your premises. The legionella testing requirements that are set out in the HSG274 and approve code of practice L8 (ACOP L8) requires those responsible for a premises to undertake a legionella risk assessments in Coventry.

Whether it's legionella testing, legionella control measures or a l8 certificate in Coventry, our team can provide a competitive quotation immediately.

Why choose legionella risk assessments in Coventry?

Our friendly team will guide you through the Legionella control process and help you understand exactly what you need and how best to implement the necessary precautionary measure needed.

The legionella risk assessment process doesn't need to be complex or complicated.

First we would need to understand how your premises and associated water system is set up. A few simple questions or an initial site visit may be required

We would then produce a quotation to complete a fully bespoke legionella risk assessments that would include:

● Visual inspection of the water system(s).
● Asset register of hot and cold water outlets including temperature checks of at least 10% of all outlets.
● Photographic evidence of findings.
● Detailed recommendations based on the site risk.
● Review of current control measures (if applicable) and any advised/additional control measures.
● Basic schematic drawing of the hot and cold water system layout.

Once the assessment has been completed on site, we would produce the document and return it within 72 hours.

Our knowledgable team who are experienced in water hygiene and legionella prevention guidance to best advise our clients would discuss the findings and if a water safety plan is needed, if any, to be implemented.

Speak to a consultant today regarding your Legionella risk assessment in Coventry - simply fill out the online form or give us a call.

Legionella Risk Assessment Coventry | Water Risk Assessment Coventry | Legionella Prevention Coventry

As an employer or landlord, you are responsible for ensuring all Health and Safety regulations are adhered to within your Coventry property.

This includes implementing practices to prevent employees or tenants in Coventry being exposed to dangerous Legionella bacteria. It is important that Legionella risk assessments are conducted by individuals with the relevant knowledge, and that subsequent precautions are taken to ensure risks to health are minimised.

The team conduct Legionella risk assessments in Coventry at a range of commercial and private properties, including (but not limited to):

• Landlord properties
• Council properties
• Business premises
• Healthcare practices
• Education centres
• Sports and leisure centres
• Hospitality venues

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