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Reviewing a Legionella Risk Assessment

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Having been in the Legionella compliance industry for over 10 years, it has always been a question that many of my clients have asked me, 'how often should my Legionella risk assessment be reviewed'?

Why review a Legionella risk assessment?

There are many reasons why you review a Legionella risk assessments:

  • The water system has changed and now includes more taps/sinks or some taps/sinks have been taken away.

  • Routine sampling has found a Legionella bacteria systemically

  • The usage to the water system has changed and control measures need to be increased

  • New information regarding the risk of the system is available

  • There were significant recommendations when the original assessment was completed and a review to account for those corrective actions being completed is necessary

  • An outbreak of Legionnaires' disease is confirmed

  • Missed routined maintenance tasks for several months which means the water system is vulnerable

The frequency of reviewing the Legionella risk assessment

The risk assessor will determine the frequency of the risk assessment review and recommend according to the risk of the premises and its current water systems condition.

Should the original document get updated or should a new one get produced?

Depending on the reasons for reviewing the assessment. In many cases, the original assessment can be reviewed and updated accordingly. However if there are significant changes and the original is no longer fit for purpose then a new assessment should be completed.

Preparing for a Legionella risk assessment review?

When an assessor comes to site to review your assessment, the assessor will need access to all of your records and the previous Legionella risk assessment. This will show the assessor what the current control measures are and if they need updating.

The legislation and guidance documents do change and with new information regarding potential risks, the control measures may change.

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